How to use grease nipple
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how to use grease nipple

1.Connect your grease nipple to the grease gun. This usually involves clamping the nipple in place with the help of the grease gun's "jaws."

2.Load your grease gun with a lubricant mixture. The loading method will differ depending on the type of grease gun and grease nipple you'll be using for the job. Make sure to check your individual grease gun's directions before you start.

3.Use a hand-powered grease gun to squeeze lubricant into tight places. Use the hand-crank to build pressure within the gun, and release it though the grease nipple by pulling the trigger. The grease will escape the nipple's aperture opening, applying lubricant wherever it's needed.

4.Apply lubricants by way of a different kind of hand-powered grease gun that utilizes a piston system instead of a trigger release. Press on the grease gun's butt to force a piston through the gun's body. The increasing pressure will force lubricant through the grease nipple.

5.Use a pneumatic grease gun and nipple to apply lubricants quickly and easily. This can be an especially useful tool for applying lots of lubricants in a professional garage. This air-powered system uses hoses and compressed air to force lubricants through the grease nipple.

6.Clean your grease nipple throughly after each use. Rinse your grease nipple by flushing it with water. Allow your grease nipple and gun to dry before you store them.

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