How many types of grease gun
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grease gun types

About Grease Guns types

Grease Gun's Purpose

o    Many mechanical items have need of lubrication to work at their optimal best. Often this lubrication needs to be applied inside specific areas. The grease gun is designed to inject grease, in the right amount, into the tiny openings designed for that purpose. How the force is applied to move the grease from the gun into the appropriate area is what differentiates the several types of grease guns.

The Lever Grease Gun

o    When you need good control of the grease application, the lever grease gun is your best choice. Either short or long lever strokes will push the grease out of the grease gun and into the openings or "zerks." The lever action grease gun is the most popular grease gun, although it requires two hands to operate

The Pistol Grip Grease Gun

    • As the name implies, if you have this type of grease gun, it will have a pistol-like grip. Easier handling is the reason the pistol grip is chosen over other styles. If looking to purchase this style, check the grip for a comfortable fit in your hand. The pistol grip is a one-hand operation.

The Hand Grip Grease Gun

    • Your hand grip grease gun gets its force to move the grease out by pressure built up by hand-pumping the pump mechanism of the gun. This is located on the top side of the grease gun as opposed to underneath like a pistol grip.

The Air Powered Grease Gun

    • More expensive, more powerful and more dangerous, the air powered or pneumatic grease gun is designed for use in the commercial field. Attached to an air compressor by hoses, the grease is forced out by air pressure. The high pressure behind the grease creates a hazard if accidentally discharged without being fastened onto a zerk. There is enough pressure to cause the grease to painfully penetrate skin.

The Battery Powered Grease Gun

    • Like many of the new cordless battery powered tools on the market, the battery powered grease gun is gaining in popularity. The battery provides the force needed to operate the grease gun, saving wear and tear on your hand. Enough power is stored in the battery to last throughout your basic lubrication chores.

Uses for Your Grease Gun

    • Depending on your lifestyle, you can make use of your grease gun on your car, your lawn mower and your snow blower. There's also your ATV, boat motor, bicycle, snowmobile and motorcycle where a grease gun comes in handy.